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Whoopeeeee I have my own blog site!

So where do I begin??

My name is Melissa Cole aka Fabulissy!  (I’m the one in the middle, these are my 2 FAB sisters, i’m the rose between 2 thorns! Ha!)I decided to create a blog site so that I can share my life story with all of you and hopefully inspire you to reach for the stars!

I am the youngest daughter  of a family of 8 girls!! I know, I know it was hell! It was first up, best dressed!

I have 1 daughter and it is fantastic being a mum, we have a beautiful relationship that I cherish.

I separated from a 22 year relatiohship a few years ago. That lead me on a journey of self discovery, hope, pain, joy beyond belief and a renewed sense of who I am and my purpose in life.

I have dreams and goals I never thought possible for myself. I am loving my life, who I am and what Im setting out to achieve.

I have career goals and health goals that I am slowly achieving.

I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Communications!! Woohoooo and I am on a mission to shed some weight, actually ALOT of weight. Around 80 kilos to be exact!

I plan to share with you my crazy life, how I’m going and where I’m headed.

I hope you can join me, and inspire me also.

So…. lets get started!!


Written by I Love Lissy

March 1, 2010 at 12:36 am

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